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  • Looking for some advice

    I have been a quadriplegic since 2003. I operated at a C-6 level and during my time as a quadriplegic was able to obtain my
    ​​​​​​GED; get my bachelor's degree, start driving, and I decided a job at Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Sheild. In 2014 a beautiful girl moved into the apartment next to me. She had more with her mother from California to clean up from drugs. So I figured I could be a good influence, unfortunately I started using drugs myself. In 2015 I overdosed. After my overdose I was placed on a vent and in the hospital my catheter blocked. This led to me to having a stroke. From there I was transferred to a nursing home where I was just turned from side to side. In these positions my knees were bent the entire time. Needless to say my knees are now contracted. The point of this post is to ask if anyone knows if it is possible to stretch out a contracted knee?
    ​. Remember it has been contracted for some years