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Walker: Questions and Experience of Spasticity Relief and Hydrotherapy

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  • Walker: Questions and Experience of Spasticity Relief and Hydrotherapy

    At about 10 years post injury with multiple spine level lesions, as a limited walker, I found hydrotherapy released long term spasticity about 18 months ago and some improvement in gait was possible. For example, the leg-knee was free to articulate in a much more natural way and this has continued without further intervention.

    The hydrotherapy was more an accidental finding than a planned exercise. On holidays in Spain, two visits to an open air pool were made each day for about 5 days doing the routine gym leg exercises in the water while holding the bar. On the 4th day, my leg became quite unstable and floppy while attempting to walk. This allowed the muscles to develop somewhat and get stability back but in a way in which the leg muscles controlled it as opposed to spasticity. Its a great improvement and much welcome.

    On the other hand, while sitting for long periods, when getting up to stand, it can take 20 or 30 minutes for the leg to limber up. This has always existed post injury. And after that initial say ?short term?spasticity, the leg becomes limber again.

    Has anyone any insight as to what might release the leg spasticity in the short term so that unassisted standing might be possible?

    Many Thanks