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Epidural stimulation ? "The Big Idea" by the Christopher Reeves foundation

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    Epidural stimulation ? "The Big Idea" by the Christopher Reeves foundation

    I broke my neck in 2009 from a motorcycle accident. Which resulted in a C4 complete spinal cord injury. I was 23 years old and am now 34. I was recently implanted with a epidural stimulator by Dr. Harkema and enrolled in the trials being conducted by the Christopher Reeves foundation known as "The Big Idea". What a life changing device this is! My blood pressure used to hover around 80/60. Since being implanted my blood pressure is now regulating at 120/80. My entire body feels completely different. Every day since my injury, I have felt like I was dying. Technically my body was. My autonomic nervous system was not functioning properly. My heart would not beat correctly and I would go in and out of atrial fibrillation. How scary this was! I would call 911 and off I would go to the hospital convinced I was about to have a heart attack. The doctors informed me this was a possibility. I was terrified! Now that I am implanted, my heart beats just as good as it did before my accident. No more atrial fibrillation, irregular heartbeat or severe low blood pressure... I am blown away! How could this be happening? My life was miserable for 10 years and now I am feeling like a normal person again. My body just feels good. My chronic UTIs from my suprapubic catheter remain, but with such a less intensity. It feels like my body is able to fight the infection so much better! I love my life again! I am now standing almost independently using my own muscles... I was told this would never happen again! My leg muscles are returning from atrophy. I am stunned! The entire paralysis community needs a epidural stimulator. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind! Everyone living with paralysis will have such a better life. Here is a video of what's happening in the spinal cord injury treatment realm... ? Keith
    Keith Smith /


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    Hi Keith, this is awesome. What a great video and yes, it offers hope to all of us. Couldn't agree more that we all need one of those!
    May I ask you a question: do you know whether this helps with neuropathic pain? (as there is no mention of it)
    Thanks and all the best


      Kieth, that's awesome. Love to hear stories of improvement.
      I went to The Big Idea web site
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