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    I've decided to get a racing handcycle and get a little serious about it with a real training plan like those able bodied days of old and that means a power meter. I use Quarq crank based power on my bikes (all standard size cranks unfortunately) and I'm leaning that way now. Anyone here using a Quarq on a handcycle.

    Along that line, were I to go with a double chain ring crank what size would you get? I rarely use the granny on my freedom Ryder, but I'm guessing a standard 52/39 set up would be too big...?
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    or look at power tap, doesnt limit cranks and rings. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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      I ran a 52/39 with my Top Ends before I bought a F/R FRH. I changed out the Chainrings with the Rotar Q Chainrings, 46,36,27. They're much like the old BioPace rings of yesteryear. The eliptical shape really help with the down stroke. Bought the three rings because I had a lot of steep hills I trained on. Since then, I've added one of Mark Bretons Road Race PowerPods, no longer available, and only use the 46 ring mostly.

      I'm more of a slow twitch muscle guy so being strong the 52's worked. If you're just starting out riding, a 52 may be a little big to start with. Perhaps a 48, at most, would be better. Carlos Moleda used to have an article about "Building up the engine" for handcycling.
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        Powertaps are great but wheel specific so you have to have one for training wheels and race wheels.

        Qrings are like biopace but with the long axis 90 degrees out of phase with the cranks, right? So they give you more moment on the weak part of the spin. Good idea for handcycling.

        What's your largest cassette gear if you run a 52/39? Most of my cassettes from cycling are 11-26 or 11-28, but I know you can get up to a 40 tooth working with today's mid-cage derailleurs.
        Regarding the 52, in cycling you're always trying to keep your cadence up: 90-110 rpm is about right to minimize stress on knees, etc. Isn't is the same for handcycling? Higher cadence means less stress on elbows and shoulders?
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