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Baclofen pump removal

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    Baclofen pump removal

    I just had my baclofen pump removed after 11ish years. I was on oral baclofen since the pump was taken out until just a few days ago when I tapered off. I've noticed some tightness in my legs as far as flexibility. I havent been doing much since surgery because of the fact that I still had staples. I have a standing frame and I intend to use it to stretch out my hamstrings. What do yall suggest I do now that I dont have worry about staples.

    Why did I get it removed? It was basically too expensive and I just didnt wanna deal with surgeries every so many years for the rest of my life.

    Congrats on being able to do that. I've had a pump since 2004, and no way am I chancing going back to where I was w/o it. My legs were 2 boards smashed together and oral baclofen didn't touch 'em.

    Yeah, the surgeries are a pain, I'm on my 3rd pump, and it is a hassle. But this time, they set the default way low, because they were afraid the 2nd pump was weak, and I really wasn't getting the dose programmed in and were worried I'd O/D on the old setting. Man were they wrong. My spasms and tone were back with a vengeance and couldn't wait to get the dose reset. so a pumpin' we will go....
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