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  • Exoskeleton

    I've read alot about the exoskeletons the last few years and I have wanted to try one real bad and I think I'm finally getting my chance! I started seeing a new physical medicine doc and after talking to him and telling him about some issues I have after a fall he wanted me to go back to therapy to see if I can make some improvements. Our brand new YMCA/Fransciscan physical therapy facility has 2 brand new exoskeletons! I go tomorrow for the exo eval and then next week they are doing training for the therapists and I may get to be a part of it. The only thing that would hold me back is my right leg is kinda tight and it cant have more than 12 degrees of flexion to use the exo so I have been working more than usual to keep it stretched out. So hopefully this works out and I get to try this thing! I'm excited and thought I'd share.

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    good luck.... which exoskeleton are you going to be trying?


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      Its the Ekso gt. I got to use it today and man it was awesome. Felt like robocop lol So exciting!