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Proper technique for building muscle

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  • Proper technique for building muscle

    I have an Uppertone and I am looking to build muscle. What is the best way to do that? I'm assuming pick a weight that I can do with full range of motion, and gradually increase? How about reps/sets? How about rest days? Should I not do any work out on those days?

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    I use a lot of free weights. You will build muscle much faster than machines. Start with a comfortable weight and increase. I alternate heavy weight days and light days. Heavy days I go only reps of 6-8 but always work with four sets. I have done it for years. Light days I do reps of 10-12 for each set. I usually do 16-20 sets for day. Four to five different exercises. I do concentrate on body parts like shoulders, chest, arms in those categories. Wish you well and best of luck. I know there are some amazing body builders like Gino and others who have get tips too.


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      What type of exercises do you do? Are they wrist weights?


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        to build bulk i like 5x5 but its hard on the shoulders so i do same as joe, alternating my workouts between light and heavy days.
        i use an uppertone(modded to hold more weight-heavier cables and pullies and weight stack extended) lat pull down machine, dumbells and kettlbells with lifting hooks to use. my newest machine is the concept7 skierg. amazing machine.
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          I use mainly free dumbbell weights. Kettle bells work good too. Use what works good for you without getting hurt. That is the key in our condition. Best of luck. I don't use wrist weights. I do wrist exercises on a flat bench with dumb-bells and curl them up.


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            Look at these.



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              You have to specify how much time you will have every day and the equipment you are using.