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Hypersensitivity and Extremely High Tone/Muscle Pulling

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    Hypersensitivity and Extremely High Tone/Muscle Pulling

    I have a C6-7 injury. My lower core stomach muscles are sticking out my left side. They won't stop pulling to my left. This really started after my left leg was quickly dropped when I was placed in an electric wheelchair and it was tilted back with Thelegs tilted up. The leg fell off the support and snapped hard. It did something with those left side muscles. This was on top of having weak muscles on the right side. I'll skip all the reasons why and how this all occurred.

    So if I'm not trying to push my left side in and do constant pressure releases or try and push my gut in from the left and lean towards my left knee, my belly button is about 7 inches to the left and I'm sitting near my left leg. That bottom torso area is not square with my legs.

    I'm still in a manual chair and want to stay that way. I have plenty of upper arm strength and the ability to do transfers. Yet, I can't transfer to my left now with my stomach pulling that way.

    I know it's probably hopeless but I will ask anyway -- if there's any way to square that core area back to even. The answer from the experts is to get put into a power chair. That would basically be the death of me. No pressure releases -- just sitting ,crushing that area and watching my left side bend out. It's taking me four hours to get up now and I am fidgeting all day trying to make this work.

    My physiatrist said there was nothing she could do. said I could talk to an orthopedic Dr. -- one group was contacted and they said they couldn't help me. I really don't want to go that route. It scares me. I'm still trying to find someone to talk to.

    The muscle tightness is very high. It just keeps pulling. If I try to fight it, it gets worse. Eating also tightens it up -- something messed up with the sympathetic nervous system. Also, the binder seems to give me hypersensitivity. With something touching my skin, it makes the tone worse. My muscles are trying to go into an extension in my upper body, arms and hands. I have a baclofen pump. It does nothing for this constant pulling. Talking makes it worse too. That really sucks when I'm trying to do typing via voice-recognition.

    I'm sitting on a quad-Roho. I put my sling back on the chair two weeks ago after having problems with my left elbow. My upper body is really twisting and making it difficult to do pressure releases with a Jay2 back. I'm going to have to go back to that though because my body is crushing down hard with the sling back and having no extra back support. It's Catch-22 whatever I do.

    Through the grapevine, I know one physical therapist is recommending another quadriplegic -- I don't know -- to use marijuana for muscle spasticity. I can't do that and function. Has anyone tried CBD's? I really don't want to do that either. Supposedly it does not affect cognition.

    Any recommended exercises, meds or anything would be helpful.
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