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AXA World Ride 95

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  • AXA World Ride 95

    I am not in the documentary but I was on Stage one and thirteen. Atlanta to DC and Santa Fe New Mexico to Kansas city Kansas 7 core riders disabled to some degree or another cycle the globe 13026 miles in 8 months... three on handcycles
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    So 318 people have seen this post. Did anyone take time to watch the Documentary? If you did would not mind hearing what you thought of it. If I remember correctly it aired on Thanksgiving day maybe 1996?? Not sure. The video above has no commercials so it is just a little over an hour long


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      I watched a good bit of it but had to go to another site, Excellent event and accomplishment.

      It may be because I'm using an iMac that I choose not to put Adobe Flash on but your post of the video reads, "Sorry not view able because of privacy seetings" on my machine . It may be some ad block settings on Chrome.

      Anyway ,I did a google search and it came up with Charles Kuralt narrating. I still have a bit more to watch but again a great event and something proud to be a part of.

      Here's where I was able to view it at:


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        yes if you click watch on vimeo it takes you to the same link you came up with. on my computer anyway


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          Still watching. Have had family visiting from out of state all week.Will post some more in a few days.
          I highly recommend to others.