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Benefits of FES arm cycle?

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  • Benefits of FES arm cycle?

    Hi, I was evaluated today on the RT300 arm cycle. I am C4/5, complete, 22+ yrs post injury. My original intent in trying the RT300 was to try to build strength in my shoulders and biceps. They are both rather weak. The PT felt that this is not one of the primary benefits of the arm cycle, as the benefits are more cardio. Have others had improved muscle strength through using the FES arm cycle. The PT said that after 22 years, she was impressed by how well my muscles responded, and felt it would be beneficial to continue.

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    The primary reasons I purchased the RT300 with the arm cycle feature was to prevent the debilitating pain in my shoulders from crippling me further, and to restore muscle and strength to my shoulders and upper arms.

    My shoulders are now pain free and stronger. The pain in my shoulders had recently become crippling and I could no longer scoot myself across the bed. An MRI revealed that there was very little cartilage remaining in my shoulder joints. Amazingly enough, FES exercise for my shoulders solved the problem. I have returned to my "normal" activities.
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      landrover, the FES arm cycling will active the muscles you stimulate, and that activation will increase muscle size and strength, depending on how intense the stimulation and workout are. The cardiovascular response from FES arm cycling is generally very low -- the smaller muscle groups in your arms don't put a huge demand on your heart and lungs, unlike FES leg cycling which uses bigger muscle groups.

      In other words, FES arm cycling is likely to help with the goal you're trying to accomplish -- stronger shoulders and biceps. Noel's account is testament to that, as strengthening the shoulder girdle can reduce the pain associated with overuse.

      Hope that helps answer your question.
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