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Kennedy Kreiger in Baltimore tomorrow

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  • Kennedy Kreiger in Baltimore tomorrow

    Well, my long awaited appointment at Kennedy Krieger is tomorrow. I've seen some miraculous stories and talked to someone who was a patient there. He was paralyzed from the neck down... doing triathlons now.
    We shall see. I am determined. I want to get back to bedside nursing (Hospice).
    They also do things with bio sensory implants there.
    Anxious about everything. "crosses fingers"

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    Good Luck Lisa ! KKI is where I go. The PTs are great! Dr. Recio is my doctor there. - again GOOD LUCK !


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      I'm a little late to this one but I hope you had a good time at KKI. I've been going there on and off for 6 years now.
      Therapists there are awesome. Who did you see?
      That triathlons guy is Patrick Rummerfield.
      Think it's important to keep in mind that if you don't leave there running triathlons, you still made progress. It took him 17 years to get to that point.


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        Dr. Recio is my doctor! That guy is a character


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          I"ve not started therapy yet. Dr. Reico said my wounds (one on each outer ankle) needed to heal first. One is now healed. the other should be within about a week. I would like to at least be able to go back to work and back to my condo. I'm curious to see what will happen seeing as I can't feel most of my lower half.

          Yea, I liked Dr. Reico... he's the only one since sept that actually explained things and gave me hope that I will walk again. I think I shocked him when I started crying happy cry.