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twisting pulling core muscle imbalance

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  • twisting pulling core muscle imbalance

    I was injured in 1994, and I was getting out and living a decent life as a C6-7 quadriplegic until December 2012. Then one morning, I left my left leg down and felt it pop in the bottom right region of my core. Ribs and hip started to come together and cause pain. I tried a Jay3 back, it felt like it was going to work, but got a sore, as I had too much pressure. I eventually got a Ride cushion with a Jay3 back. I hated the cushion. It was too hard caused neurological discomfort. Regardless, I stayed in it for about a year until February of 2015. I wanted to have an MRI done of my core. After the MRI, they were going to fast trying to get me out of there and let my left leg drop off of the table. that night or the next day, my left side core area popped. I also ended up with a nasty sore, which should not have happened since I was in the Ride cushion. I was trying to take it easy and immediately got down in the bed to heal. This is in early March. In June, they wanted to do a pressure. What could go wrong? Well they put in the electric chair, which I did not want as I told them I was not going to go into an electric chair permanently. I still have a manual. Anyway, he tilted me back quickly tilted my legs up and my left leg fell again. That really hurt me. I could not transfer to my left after that. Main priority was to heal. What could I do. Finally, I had surgery in November of 2015. This is after getting a nasty infection because they left gauze in the wound. I laid in bed until March of last year, 2016.

    Now, I'm still trying to sit straight. My muscles in my core are sticking out the left side and I have a gap in my right side. I did it pressure mapping, it shows okay with a quadtro Roho/sling back and too much pressure if I have a Jay3 back. I tried going back swimming as I was going just fine before my leg was dropped. Now it does not work. I am miserable. Fidgeting all day. Massive pressure releases just to stretch my back. It is living day by day now. I don't see how I can keep doing this for 10, 20 or 30 more years.

    Is there any type of solution for this? I am strong but my core is really causing a problem. My next try at help might be massage therapy, but it is expensive. I need to get my left side pushed back in.

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    Try to get referral from your doc to physical therapy, insurance should pay for it plus they will massage you as well!