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Anal Probe for Pelvic Floor Exercises?! Do they work???

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  • Anal Probe for Pelvic Floor Exercises?! Do they work???

    I found a few product that are anal probe for pelvic floor exercises. It's designed for incontinence.

    Will this work?
    Does anyone have experience with one?
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    I would imagine that you need to have sensation and the ability to use the muscles a little for these to work. I would be concerned about how they work. It is not something that is traditionally used in the treatment of neurogenic bowel so I am not sure how or if it would work. You might want to check it out with a gastroenterologist. They may be moee familiar with the product.
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      In theory, what could be done to prevent the sag or try to prevent prolapse?
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        Thank you CKF! I do have a little sensation and voluntary muscle contraction of the sphincter. I've done kegel exercises and could feel the sphincter contract around my finger.

        Im going to I've a try. At worst, it'll cost me $25 and, at best, reduce incontinence.
        Never Give Up!