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Help getting on a leg bike

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    Help getting on a leg bike

    As part of my daily rehab program I would like to be attached to a standing leg bike that I have an exercise for two hours a day.

    Presently I'm only able to use it for an hour a day three or four days a week because I need the help of someone to strap my legs onto the leg bike (an ergonomoter that does the peddling for me).

    so in order to get on to the leg by I go through the following process:

    1. move my wheelchair (power or manual) close to the bike.
    2. Someone physically takes my legs and puts them to the ergonomics or pedals.
    3. this same person uses Velcro straps to ensure that my legs are firmly attached to the pedals.
    4. The leg bike is then turned on and begins to pedal with my feet attached.
    5. I move my chair slightly forward or backwards to make sure I am properly aligned.
    6. Pedal for an hour.
    7. someone undoes the Velcro straps that attach my feet and remove my feet from the leg bike.
    8. I back up the chair.
    9. They put down my foot rest and make sure my feet are properly placed on the foot rest.
    10. The process is done.

    The one thing that prevents me from doing this to or three times a day is the fact that I need someone's help to get this done.

    So, I need to figure out a way to complete this process without the help of someone else.

    Not an easy problem to solve, but I'm sure there is a way to get it done.

    The biggest problems are:

    1. Getting my legs moved from the petals of my chair on to the petals of the leg bike.
    2. Getting my feet firmly strapped on to the leg bike.
    3. Getting my feet removed from the leg bike and back onto the pedals of my chair.

    I believe I can figure out a way to get my feet from the pedals of the chair to the leg bike which leaves the one problem getting my feet firmly attached to the pedals.

    Ideas that I have so far for accomplishing this:

    1. wear shoes that have a large amount of Velcro attached to the bottom of them and then put a large amount of Velcro on the pedals of the bike.
    2. Have some kind of boots attached to the bike that I could slip my feet into and then strap them in (similar to ski boots).

    Both of these ideas would theoretically solve the problem, however I'm not sure how practical they are.

    Has anyone else come up with a solution for this kind of problem? Anyone have any good ideas?

    I'm certain there has to be a way.

    Any thoughts, ideas or input would be greatly appreciated.

    Can you use a leg lifter strap for getting your feet up onto the pedals? A reacher to strap your feet in place?

    Leg lifter (we use these to help people get their legs up onto the bed after transferring, or when doing their own ROM exercises):

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      What if you use toeclips instead of Velcro? If that works, you can just slide your feet in and out.