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Anyone ever made their own walker?

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  • Anyone ever made their own walker?

    Wondering if anyone has made or modified their own gait trainer or walker. I'm trying to figure out what will work best for me and appreciate any help. I mainly use a power chair, when I practice walking my wife helps me transfer to a up n free gait trainer that supports me with a bicycle seat and a strap around my waist. I'm secure and walk through the house with no need for a spotter. I've used this for a few years and it's been good but now I'm seeing I could make better progress and my legs get stronger if I could train more on my feet without the support of the bicycle seat. I got two arm platform attachments and put them on a regular walker and they support me okay and I'm able to take a few steps on the full weight of my legs. Not easy at all but I know better for me, the setback is I can't do it without a spotter for my every step. If I take a bad step and lean back too far the walker could tip back. So I?m wondering if there are any decent options for me to practice walking fully on my feet but also with a little security. My thought is a sturdy walker that won?t tip back and can support my upper body if I have a bad step. This type of walker looks sturdy and the forearm supports can be added:

    This pvc walker also looks like a possibility with the upper platform to support arms:

    I?m tall and thin and hoping for something sturdy enough to let me practice walking but not too wide or bulky so I can easily take it to places outside to practice.

    This is really on my mind and though I know it won?t be easy at first I know if I can move on to a walker with no seat that it will help me greatly.

    Thank you for your help,

    My GoPro videos: