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    Crunches or simulated crunches and estim have helped me not have a huge quad belly but I think a 6 pack is out of the question for most of us.


      I've began using my ems device but I'm not sure that the settings are correct. I've watched videos on youtube and my muscles don't seem to be reacting quite like others. I realize that my abdominal muscles are atrophied but I think that I should get more response form my machine. Does anyone know what the settings should be set on for abdominal stimming?
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        Never mind, I found the correct settings... and boy are my abs tensing now when using the ems. In case anyone is interested, here are the settings that I am using.

        Muscle Build-up Training
        Program: Synchronous
        Frequency: 45 Hz
        Pulse Duration: 300 ?s
        Ramp: 3 seconds
        Contraction Duration: 15 seconds
        Pause: 15-30 seconds
        Application Duration: 3-5 minutes; may be repeated several times daily
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          Scott, what kind of machine are you using? Company? Model? ect. thank youuuu


            I've recently started measuring my waist to try and see the impact of dieting on shape as well as weight. 3 measurements a day, morning before hoist, morning after FES bike ride, evening after transfer to bed.

            Managed to drop about 6cm average by cutting out bread and dairy, only use lactofree milk, peppermint tea in the afternoon and that drop is almost certainly just bloating now gone.

            Measurements are far closer now but what is interesting is that my 2 morning ones are close but my waist reduces through the day, I thought that it would get bigger as everything sank down with gravity. Weirdly my jeans seem tighter, belly looks bigger but the tape can't lie. We had to standardise how we measure, same place on waist, me totally flat on bed, any bend and reading changed.

            Dieting will continue but might try stim as well, FES bike doesn't burn enough calories!


              I've dropped some weight since cutting my coloric intake back below my measured RMR (resting metabolic rate). I don't know why it took me nearly 2.5 years to go get the test done. I used to do it every January as prep for my cut before racing season started (March). Anyway, I went from an estimated sedentary daily kcal burn of over 2200 to under 1500 thanks to injury, etc. My RMR is under 1200 but 1500 is the estimate with daily activities. So now I try to stay under 1300/day.
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