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    Now, I know what I need for my exercise!!
    Does anyone know where I can buy the gloves he is using?
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    I hope that is his girlfriend or family member...otherwise this would be extremely unethical behavior in a PT or OT!!

    Several companies make exercise "mittens" for those with limited hand function. Here are a few:

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      Thank you. It seems Activehands has some products I need.
      Please don't be serious about the link.


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        Those are nonsense! I just use $25 weightlifting wrist hooks
        Harbinger Lifting Hooks by Harbinger at - Best Prices on Harbinger Lifting Hooks!
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          Originally posted by JK View Post
          Now, I know what I need for my exercise!!
          Does anyone know where I can buy the gloves he is using?

          Are the gloves for working out or for getting a chick to sit on your lap??


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            I just got a pair of the activehands about a month ago. The are pretty pricey vs standard fitness equipment offerings, but they are well-made/very nice quality (important when trusting them to hold 50lbs+ over you head). I use them with Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells and they work great, just be sure to **really** tighten them down on your hand.

            Also, we quads are a low volume, niche market, so the manufacturer can't get the per unit cost down like you can with high volume lifting hooks.

            As for the lap-riding workout reminds me of when I was in rehab and an OT there quit her job and ran-off with a quad who was her patient. If you were at WWRC in the late 80s, hit me up and we can reminisce.


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              The Activehands are the best, and you can also use them in the pub in order to hold your beer bottle by yourself ��


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                We have Activehands too -- they really are the best for grip. Also their other opener products are great too
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                  I use these for weight lifting. The gloves have a steel plate insert on the backside of the glove to support your wrist. They worked great for me when I was curling 50 pound dumbbells. That was 11 years ago before my shoulders wore out. I still use the same pair today but with much less weight.