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Project Walk of Los Angeles... My SCI rehab

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    Project Walk of Los Angeles... My SCI rehab

    Hi everyone! My name's Keith. I broke my neck in a motorcycle accident in 2009. When I woke up from my coma, I was paralyzed from the neck down! I had a C5 spinal cord injury. What?... Life has been a journey nonetheless... I recently connected with a SCI rehabilitation facility located in Los Angeles. I work with Heather and my boy G dog (Garrett) at Project Walk. What a amazing facility! My friends come to the parking lot, help me out of my car into my wheelchair, then roll me inside. From there, one person lifts me from under my arms from behind, while the other lifts m from under my knees onto the padded table. This is how I am moved around here. Standing frame, total gym, many types of exercise equipment designed for people with spinal cord injuries. I have been to many physical rehabilitation centers here in California. I have found no other facility more accommodating to my circumstances, then this one.
    My body is stretched out in ways the wheelchair prevents. My muscles are stimulated using something called a FES machine. . My muscles are reacting and firing after seven years of nothing. It's crazy! I cannot move or let alone feel my legs. But, they feel relaxed and calm in a way I have never felt before. Thanks guys!
    I am honored to call myself the new "Ambassador" of Project Walk Los Angeles. Anyone with a spinal cord injury. From severe to mild, high injury to low injury, complicated or not. Come check this place out! I assure you, if you have been let down in the past by recovery facilities either not having the proper equipment or knowledge to assist someone with a spinal cord injury. You will not be disappointed here. I have been let down so much. I took the fight home. But here, I'm straight...

    ? Keith
    Project Walk of Los Angeles Amb.
    Keith Smith /


    Facebook: vmwHFXbBcktzhmmOux2Njq0AS9hRXfwhrIi