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pullup bar from wheelchair idea, logical possibilities?

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  • pullup bar from wheelchair idea, logical possibilities?

    I have a pullup bar that's not too high, my right hand can grasp it no problem but my left hand can't. But am thinking if I can find some kind of glove that will fasten my left hand to the bar, I could recline my chair and use the bar to assist me practicing sitting up. And hopefully wok my arms and back the same time (do pullups work the back?) And hoping if my hands are securely holding the bar while sitting that I cold also try to stand up using my legs and arms and once I get there practice squats. It seems if I could get figured out to get my hands secure on the bar that there would be several things I could practice for great improvements. It may not be easy to start but I see logical unimaginable potential. And it would make the most of working several muscle groups at once, making the most of the time. Thoughts on this idea appreciated. And the best easiest kind of glove for grasp if anyone knows. My blog

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    You have good ideas. The active hands gripping aids in the 1st link I posted should help with your grip issues. I use one on my weaker hand at the gym and it works great. They are expensive but worth it.
    The harbinger hooks in the 2nd link may work for you too. I use them for pullups because I can just hook them over the bar instead of wrapping the strap around it. If you dont have much hand function it might hurt your wrist by pulling on them.
    Pullups are going to work your back, biceps, shoulders and even core if you can tighten it to control the movement.
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      Thanks for the response Wills. I was looking at the harbinger hooks for the same reason as you, I think I will try those first and hopefully not have to get the active hands. My right hand works, my left is the one I need help with. Hoping using the bar might even stretch out my tight shoulder. My blog