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best way to stretch tight hamstring from wheelchair?

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  • best way to stretch tight hamstring from wheelchair?

    My right hamstring is always tight and limits my training and exercise. What are some effective ways that I may be able to stretch it with little assistance? Would leaning forward over my body, chest near knees and arms / hands near the floor while sitting in my wheelchair stretch the hamstrings? Also been wondering if that movement / motion would be a good thing to train. Appreciate any hamstring stretch help. Thank you My blog

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    You will stretch you hamstrings better if you keep your knee straight rather than doing in your wheelchair as you describe, which may only result in overstretching your low back muscles. Do you do your own ROM exercises, using a strap to do straight leg raises? This can be quite effective.

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      You can stay in your chair and place 1 foot onto a chair or couch so that your leg is straight out. Then lean forward reaching for your toes. Do one leg at a time but be careful because with 1 leg up your chair will be more tippy.
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