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Transferring into your Handcycle and Back - any Tips and Techniques

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    Originally posted by NW-Will View Post
    haven't tried this footstool, but looks promising because of the higher handle holds.. maybe worth a look if you're at Ikea ...
    This would be a good design if the dimensions were a bit more generous (it's 15" wide and I'm a bit more generous...). I like the handholds and the idea of being able to step up though. Your earlier idea of the Ikea stool seems promising. The current version at Ikea is 10" high. It would be very portable and has anti-skid feet. The other idea I had was cutting down the legs of a wooden chair by about 6" or so - I'd just need to get some rubber tips for the legs to make it a bit more stable.


      Originally posted by NW-Will View Post
      Do the same as this, with Ikea foot stools.

      I use one like that to get off the ground sometimes when I'm gardening. I
      find it has a tendency to tip if I'm not real careful transferring. This round design might be more stable:
      I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.


        As an update (sorry it took a while), I ended up purchasing a bathtub lift to help with the transfers. It's been working well. I find it easier to not take the lift all the way down - so I have the benefit of gravity when getting into the cycle and push my way up a bit on the way out. Perhaps someday (as my shoulders get stronger) I'll be able to go without, but it works well for now. The lift folds down for travel, only weighs 20lbs, and can go from 2.5 inches to 18 inches.

        Thanks everyone for all your input!
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