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Please give me some feedback on the evolv glider. Users, owners,trainers, therapists?

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  • Please give me some feedback on the evolv glider. Users, owners,trainers, therapists?

    I was looking at the easystand glider and it looks like a very good thing. I contacted the company for a demo, their contact in this are contacted me and supposedly is getting a wheelchair sales company to bring it by for me to try. The guy isn't too pushy, but I think a little. I told him more than once I can't say I'm buying it and would need to figure out the funds, he assured me he understands. The other thing is he says the one he has was used for demonstration but is like new and for that reason he can offer me a discount. Of course I'm cautious of salesman but it may be a good deal. On the one hand I'm thinking they may be a lil pushy, on the other hand I'm thinking just maybe this is working out for a reason. All of that aside, what are your experiences, thoughts on this equipment? I'm willing to sacrifice and work extra hours to pay for it, but I don't want to just get it because it's there, I only want it if it will add great potential of progress or even make me feel like I got a full workout in. Heres a short video I found: It's a scary thing to spend money you don't have and later regret it, but some things are worth it with spinal cord injury. I hope to figure out if this is just a pushy sales team, or if this would truly be worth my effort. Please help. Thank you. My blog

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    I have used the glider type standing frames for 12+ years with my clients. As long as you are dedicated to using it at the very least it will help you get out of your chair and assist in keeping your leg muscles lengthened. Using it as a glider can be a very good upper body workout and increase cardio endurance. Depending on your functional abilities, you can drop the seat part of the way down and use the glider handles to do modified squats. Research I published showed that upper body exercises performed while standing had the highest energy expenditure out of the exercises tested.

    Acute energy cost of multi-modal activity-based therapy in persons with spinal cord injury

    You can find my other research on exercise here:

    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery


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      Thank you Eric for this info. I am torn on if I should go for it or just forget about it. Does it help with range of motion? I have been looking for an effective way to practice squats, that definitely would be a plus. But if I can practice squats effectively those muscles should strengthen right? And if so I imagine the movement of sitting and standing would carry over to outside of the glider. That would be the general possibility right?

      The arm movements, they would, should improve with the repetition of the glider right? And benefit me even when I'm not in the glider? From sitting my right leg especially gets tight. Should the glider help with hamstring tightness?

      I work on exercise with weights and pulleys as best I can from my chair. I practice walking using a upnfree gait trainer. I think what I can do is a clear indication that I have the potential to do and reach so much more, I know I can do it, I just don't know exactly how.

      Would the glider be a game changer in my rehab pursuit of progress and fighting to be the best I'm capable of? If I had a glider and used it regularly, what would be some common sense pretty sure improvements?

      This would be a big financial responsibility for me and no one can decide but me if I need this. But, please give me your honest thoughts in this. I thank you so much.

      Ian My blog


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        I have had one since my injury 8 yrs ago. I love mine because it feels so good to stand up and move some. I have neuro pain in my butt when I sit on it but it disappears when I am off of it so that's another plus for me to use my SF. It does seem to help the bowel movement be more regular too. I do it everyday for an hour and if I have to miss a day, I really feel antsy. It is in front of my TV so I watch that or read. As for cardio, it doesn't do a thing for me. I am healthy enough from my handcycle that the SF doesn't get my heart rate up. But I do love being able to move my legs and I have to believe it can only help.


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          I am actually going to get to try it in my home for 1 week. I am very torn on this. I agree that just using it would be very good. If money was no issue I'd just get it, but it's hard when you don't know for sure. Do you have tight hamstrings? Do you think it stretches your legs? Do you see increased / stronger arm movements from using it? Thank you for your feedback, greatly appreciated.

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