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nustep vs easystand glider benefits?

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  • nustep vs easystand glider benefits?

    I recently have been looking at both of these and wondering if the benefits are worth the cost. I think it is but have never used either of these. I talked to a dealer for the glider and he's going to try and get one in my area for me to try in a few weeks. He says it's one that's like new but barely used and he can offer me a discount. Probably his spiel but I think I should try it. There's a nustep at a rehab place that I'm hoping will let me try it out.

    I liked the nustep for the way it moves the legs, knee to chest motion? I like the glider but it seems to be a little different kind of movement. Which one would offer the limbs the most movement that might counter tightness from sitting in a wheelchair mainly? They are different products and both would be great, but would one be more beneficial over the other? I'm incomplete c2 and rely on a powerchair, I exercise and practice with a up n free gait trainer, it uses a piston and bicycle seat and a waist strap for safety. When practicing I walk around the house without fear or need for a spotter. I think I have the potential to go beyond this, and not sure how far or not even stuck on I have to "walk" or screw everything else. But I know I can do much more and achieve bounds beyond my current position. I'm just trying to figure out how and maybe there is some equipment that will help me exercise better to reach and even push beyond my goals.

    Thank you for your feedback.
    Ian My blog