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What exercises do you do to improve balance

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  • What exercises do you do to improve balance

    My balance and posture is not good and I want to make it better so I can be sit right without back support.
    My injury is t9 level and I have some core control but not enough to move back and forth.

    Most important for me, not enough to make me stay with my chest up. My posture is pretty bad and I have no information how to correct this with exercises. My fear is that i hurt my new hardware that they have implanted in my back because each time I try to do anything about it it hurts so much and I am only 8 months post injury.

    Exercises Ive tried are touching the ground from my wheelchair sideways and in front and returning using the core and trying to stay sit upright using the core without hands.

    Please share your exercises that have worked for you so we can learn from each other.
    Seems like correct posture and balance are key factor for a good active life with this injury.

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    Hi Martiniani
    Just wondering if you were properly fitted for your wheelchair and cushion. Others at this site may be able to advise you about this. Some have "dump" in their manual, rigid-chair frames to help with balance and posture. You may also want to raise this question with your PT. Also, what is height of back rest?
    When you sit in your chair are you leaning on your elbows and forarms like in your photo?
    I can't really advise you as I'm Polio paralyzed, not SCI. I wear a body brace to sit upright. I have some dump in my chair: the rear height is 15" from floor to seat rail, and the front height is 18" from floor to seat rail. This allows me to "sink into" back of chair seat and sit comfortably without resting my arms at my lap. Thus, arms are free to function.
    I hope someone with similar level of SCI can respond to your question.