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    I know exoskeletons aren't what we're looking for in terms of a cure although I was always curious about HAL by Cyberdyne. Technology used is able to recognize brain signal sent to muscles, amplify it and apply to motors in the suit. Is it feasible for someone with incomplete injury? I was looking to contact them (Germany) and see what they have to say. Anyone from Germany heard or seen this thing in action? From what I remember cost of this wasn't high at all.

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    It could possibly work for an incomplete SCI, but you have to have some amount of volitional function everywhere. It doesn't read signals from the brain, it reads signals right from the muscles, then motors amplify those you have to be able to send signals to your muscles in the first place.

    It was designed for use mainly by medical caretakers, factory workers, and senior citizens.


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      Cyberdyne is actually out of Japan, not Germany.

      Eric Harness, CSCS
      Neuro Ex, Inc
      Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery


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        I guess cost is always relative... based on what I found the price is $1000 a month and you're just renting it because they ain't selling.


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          I just spent two days in Bochum in the Cyberdyne lab, met with lead physicians, reviewed research, talked to patients, lots of QA I represent a hospital in the United states that is considering bringing the devices to the states, any questions I might be able to help with?