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Uber workout back/abs toe touches

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  • Uber workout back/abs toe touches

    I'm high level paraplegic. I discovered this workout today:

    Sit in a padded or stationary chair (rocker for me, locked in place.)

    from here....

    Level 1. Touch right hand to left toe. Sit back up, touch left hand to right toe. Sit back up. Sit forward, touch two does. Sit back up.

    Level 2. Get your workout partner stand behind rocker, holding a therapy band or cord. take handles in both hands. crunch down. back up. crunch down. back up. Now opposite hands, opposite feet like before.

    This is safe. This is uber effective.

    Use it or never regain it.

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    Here is one of the core exercises I do to combat quad belly, help with balance and strengthen my back. I also stretch every day, workout with wrist/thumb weights and do cardio on an arm cycle.


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      I am quad I can control my trunk to lap in chair then raise myself back to sitting postion I can feel my abs working don/t know how I just do can do about 5 then give out