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Walking training questions / help please

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  • Walking training questions / help please

    I'm an incomplete quad, use a powerchair and practice walking with a gait trainer everyday. I usually walk for an hour and it is well worth it. I've built up to walking as far as 500 steps on occasion. I make myself practice everyday because I know I have to. But working all day and being tired after work sometimes I get weary of even thinking about walking. But it's also a burden that I have to do it. I know I must not give up. I've started walking with weights on my ankles every other day to change it up. Do I need to walk 200-500 steps everyday to keep my gains? Do my legs need rest days just from walking or is sitting in my wheelchair all day rest enough?

    I was thinking maybe I should walk 100 steps, and do some squats and practice other things like balance, trunk movements or whatever else might benefit me overall. And the next day just focus on distance. I think building my distance is important but don't know if practicing only every other day is sufficient. If I could only be able to get up for an hour a day and just walk that would be good enough and much to be thankful for. But I know I can do much more, and focusing on other areas would improve my walking and other things.

    Right now walking is the bulk of my training. I've added lying on the edge of the bed and doing sit ups. My core needs much work, are situps a good start?

    My arms need work to. I think reaching would be a key exercise. Would shoulder exercises be good?

    Please share some key exercises and strategies that you think would benefit me.

    Thank you greatly,
    Ian My blog

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    Whenever I increase something to the process, I always end up reducing a lot of what already capable. Repetitions get reduced. Distance, etc. For me, it is always until my body has adjusted to whatever the increase was. I really have no definite time frame on how long it takes to adjust. Mentally, sometimes I end up POed because In spite of trying not to put a time frame on how long it will take, I guess I must have. Like you say though, the cannot give up thought there.