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c5/6 need advice on 3 things: shoes and socks, condom catheters, and bowel program

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  • c5/6 need advice on 3 things: shoes and socks, condom catheters, and bowel program

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    c5/6 need advice on 3 things: shoes and socks, condom catheters, and bowel program

    I'm a c5/6 quad and I do pretty much everything on my own and I have my own place. I'm looking to get to 100%. So where my place is is 10 minutes from my parents and 2 minutes from my dads work. He helps me in the morning getting up. I can get dressed on my own I'm just not sure about shoes and socks.

    Also there's my bowel program. I use a suppository nut have someone else do it. Any advice on this? I've seen the inserter things but it a lot of times if I'm constipated it needs help coming out and I'm not sure how I'd deal with that.

    Last is getting a condom catheter on the tube. I can get it at night when the bags off my leg but I can't get it on if it is. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Me and a couple buddies are looking into getting a house and I need to atleast get the shoes and socks thing down. Having some rad roommates in a house downtown is something I was always bummed about never having. Plus I party every weekend there but it's 20 miles from my place and is really annoying at 4 in the morning. Trying to have a normal life has worked pretty well for me so far and this is just the next level for me. Thanks!


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      Socks or compression hose?? For regular socks, you can put them on with your push cuffs, or sew loops to the top of the sock and use a dressing stick or a finger to pull them on.

      I am assuming you have the range to long sit with your chest on your thighs to do this.

      For shoes, a dressing stick can also be helpful. Slip on shoes or those with velcro closures are easier than lace-ups.

      Any way you can get a few sessions with a good SCI trained OT to help you with these skills?

      Check out these videos:

      For bowel care, you can try a suppository inserter and/or a digital stimulator which you can strap to you hand, and there are also devices to use for clean up. Another option would be to have a part-time PCA come in to help you with just bowel care, bathing and dressing, which you should be able to get down to 2 hours or less. Do you qualify for any state funded attendant care?

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        My parents get paid to help. I want to be able to do my bowels so I can go on vacations n stuff. Also with getting a chik I'd like to not have to be like "btw, some lady comes and helps me shit everyday". I'll try n get setup w/ an OT for my shoes and socks.
        I'm really active and am out everyday w/ school, work, and having a social life. I'm really proud to be where I am but it's not enough. I'm 9 years post and need to quit being lazy and figure this stuff out. I'm finally really motivated due to almost graduating, a female of course cause women rule the world, and finding a good roommate.