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Two weeks into my intense 3-month training program

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  • Two weeks into my intense 3-month training program

    Hello all - I have the opportunity to take some time off from work, so I'm using this time to completely devote to fitness and nutrition. I'm doing many different things, I've put my weekly routine below. It's centered around going to our facility Push to Walk 4x/week (2 hours per session) where the focus is mainly on the lower body as well as the trunk. In addition to that I'm weight training as well 4x/week for 60-90 min. hoping to add some mass and strength.

    A little about me and my function - I'm 10 years post C5 SCI. I had a good bit of recovery early on getting some trunk stability and my tone allows me to maintain standing position. I've improved walking in a harness over the years but have yet to see significant functional improvement. However, I was only going to Push to Walk once a week for the past 3-4 years.

    My goals are to just work as hard as I can and see what happens. Hopefully I see some increase in function, strength, and my walking. At the very minimum I'll increase my fitness. And in the weight room I'll definitely see more strength and I'm hoping to add size as well. I'm experimenting with supplements but am increasing my calorie intake with mainly proteins and carbs with low sugar and salt.

    My plan:
    Monday: Weight training, Push to Walk, standing frame (1-2 hours)
    Tuesday: FES Bike, Push to Walk, Rugby practice (2 hours)
    Wednesday: Weight training, Sci-fit stationary cycle (30-45 min), standing frame
    Thursday: FES Bike, Push to Walk, swimming (10-20 laps, 45-60 minutes in pool)
    Friday: Weight training, Push to Walk, standing frame
    Saturday: Weight training

    We'll see how it goes, but I'm hoping to keep this program going until the end of the year, so about 12 weeks. This is in no way sustainable long term but I hope to pick up what is working and keep some of it going once I go back to work.
    C5/6- Workin' on Recovery

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    Keep us posted.

    Are you using 4-AP or Ampyra?
    Are you using Testosterone? Creatine?


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      Right now I'm using Isagenix lean shakes as an additional meal on non lift days and Pre Jym and Post Jym on lifting days. Taking his multi vitamin as well
      C5/6- Workin' on Recovery