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Heart rate during exercise

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  • Heart rate during exercise

    This year I am pushing the NYC marathon. As I've been training, and competing a lot this summer, I noticed that I don't "kick in" until mile 5. My heart rate doesn't really pump up super fast compared to the energy I am exerting. Thus, my start times never reflect what I can actually do.

    I know quads have a harder time upping their heart rate. Is there something I can take to boost it?

    I'm training with a very smart schedule, and still don't see a difference in my start performance. The Verrezano Bridge is a 1 mile up hill to start the marathon. If it were at mile 5 I'd have no problem. But I worry as it's the start.

    Do you guys do anything pre-exercise/training?

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    I hear you, no matter how hard I am pushing it, I can't get the cardio workout that I used to in my previous life bike racing - I think it's just that our muscle groups don't burn enough oxygen?
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      They say that quads don't burn fat as well, maybe because of a slower heart rate increase, and they should be more careful about calorie intake to keep blood sugar adequate. I definitely think that this helps me not bonk on long hard rides.
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        Simply increasing your heart rate will not likely increase your performance. Heart rate increasing is a side effect of extra demand being placed on the body. It doesn't really work the other way around.


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          I'm a para and I had to put in 2-3 miles before a race to feel like I was "going" at the start. Get hold of Brian at He's a high quad and races. He also knows a bunch of people that might help you out.


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            Quadriplegics generally have a max heart rate of somewhere between 120-140.

            It's one of the things that's a big difference between quads and paras since quads have highly affected sympathetic nervous system. Paraplegics on the other hand can get their heartrate up to normal levels (the same as able bodied).