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Are basic sit ups worth anything?

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    The reason most trainers (of Able bodies) do not like full situps is because you are only engaging your abdominals for part of the movement and then using your hip flexors to complete it. However, with your goal of walking better, engaging both sets of muscles in sequence using full situps could help. Strengthening your abs will help with pelvic stability while upright. Strengthening your hip flexors will help with lifting your leg during the toe off/swing phase of your gait. Strengthening your abs will also counteract increased anterior tilt of your pelvis due to stronger hip flexors.

    Ketamine Kitty

    What were your PT and Doc "horrified" about?...your post is a bit unclear.

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      Thanks Darty for the video. A fascinating modification for an independent quad exercise! Have you come with any other inventive adaptations for quad work outs?
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        fusions L345, bulging disks L12 (declined more surgery) stenosis and advanced degdisk disease full thoracic with multpile lainectomies, fused C23, with advanced stenosis, scar tissue issues througout spine, Shrapnel is moving. They deem it too damaged and unstable for sit ups and any unsupervised and PT assisted ab work.

        i think many here had a traumatic injury but are otherwise stable. my circumstace is combat related with neck back and shoulder complications. but i also knoe there are other folks here with compicted isses.

        probably should not have posted as members here know what they are and my gut is somewhatembarassing as my legs and arms waste away.



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          Yes I have a bunch I will work on videos to post. Maybe I'll give you all my secrets. lol...


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            Hi Darty, I was talking to a physio friend of mine today and she was impressed with it. She also suggested that I try it with the resistance bands located at my biceps and bring my arms together to work the pectoral muscle i.e., like simulating the butterfly machine. We started looking around my place to see where I could rig up something like your set up. Secondly, I am inspired on how you use your power chair to get attached to the resistance bands when they are loose and easy to get on and then drive away to help create the desired tension. I have a power chair but I do not use it while exercising and now I see a benefit to using it for certain exercises.

            I think that is great to have variety exercises, even if some duplicate a specific muscle, to help break up the monotony and keep the fitness routine fresh.


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              I do slip the bands down to my biceps and do some chest work. I usually like to do them one at a time because my left arm is weaker than my right so I do extra on the left to try and catch it up. I don't know if you can see in the photos above and I should have pointed it out but there is another "C" shaped hook just above and facing the floor at the bottom of that post. I face the post and use a theraband loop to catch the hook then I can do bicep curls. Also with the loop still in the bottom hook I turn sideways with my shoulder facing the post, with the theraband strap at my elbow and do shoulder raises. Then I can lower the strap to my wrist and do fly's across my body for lats and back muscles. My balance is not good enough to do rows but you can do those from the bottom or top hook also.

              I'll get on those videos soon.