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    update on EZ15

    I have not posted in a long time and wanted to update those that have helped us through our sons injury. He is now going in to his third year of college has a summer internship and getting on with is life.
    I am so proud of him for not giving up and working hard. We did find a Dr in the city he is going to college who had Ezra start with the treadmill and harness again to get his gait where it should be. Along with this the doctor had him fitted for braces to help keep his legs from giving out on him. One great find we found on line were "sidestix". They are forearm crutchs with different ends for ice, snow, sand and rock climbing. Ezra states they are as close to not having crutches that he has found to use. The one drawback is that they are made in Canada. The company will give your all the information you need to claim on your insurance. My private insurance did pay for the crutches not the extra ends that we purchased.

    Ezra is still playing sled hockey however has also found a sport that he can be better at than his able bodied friends! The competitor in him is showing. Mono skiing has become a great sport for him. With the Courage centers help in having a ski buddy for him and a mono ski to use he has found a sport to excel at again.

    We are so proud of our son at his endurance and motivation in both school and life.