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  • Working core muscles / exercise in general

    I've been working on my balance by sitting Indian style on my bed and holding onto a post. I'm c6-7 incomplete and have no function in the abdominal yet after balancing for about 45 seconds I get a REALLY nice burn in the stomach/ab area. If I have no abs innervated how am I feeling such a burn? Does this exercise pay off in the long run I'm wondering? My balance is very subpar and the burn feels nice so I'd like to tone my stomach some. I see a bit of a belly only when sitting in my chair. When I'm laying on the bed my stomach sinks in and I look skinny for the most post. I'd ultimately like the belly to completely disappear, but understand most all quads have a tiny bit of one.

    I feel my body is disproportionate because my chest/pecs are nonexistent it seems. I qualified for a handcycle grant from CAF and was able to purchase a force 2 which should hopefully arrive soon. Anyways, what do you guys recommend for a good summer workout regimen to get in shape? I definitely want to add swimming and Handcycling to my list of to-do's. What works for you guys?

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    I would suggest that you may have more function in your abs than you think if you can feel a burn there when you balance. They are probably just so weak that you cant see/feel the contraction that is occurring. I posted on another topic about ways to activate your core on your own http:///forum/showthread.php?230630-...ed-spinal-cord . Based on your level you might want to try the first exercise I posted to target your obliques.

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