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can fes stretch tight muscles?

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  • can fes stretch tight muscles?

    Wondering if I used fes on my tight leg muscles if it would loosen the tightness? What are your experiences?

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    I would have to say that it would likely make it worse if you don't stretch. My suggestion. Stretch stretch stretch.


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      good to know. I recently got a lightweight bar that I've started putting my leg on with hopes of stretching it, I'll try to post a picture for feedback. How about fes while stretching???


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        I see that you are C2 incomplete. What type of return have you had. Are you ambulatory? The FES will help exercise muscles that may not be used to it. Afterwards they will tighten up. Depending upon how you use the FES will determine when and how you stretch.

        If you are going for endurance on the FES (30 minutes or longer) a short warm up and stretch prior to using the FES and then a cool down stretch would be optimal.

        If the FES is used as a warm up prior to some other type of exercise then a stretch after you use the FES and then another stretch after your total work out would be good.


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          I definatley don't want any extra tightening. I have had good return, still wheelchair bound. With help standing and wearing a left afo with a walker I walk short distances. I'm trying to do more but not always easy to find the time and help. Recently a friend has shown interest in helping and I'm excited about that.


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            Take your friend up on his generosity. Find a gym that is accessible or get some equipment at home. A total gym type machine (I used a Weider Total Body 5000), a swiss ball, therabands, and a walker is all you need to get going.