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    SCI walking detail question

    Trying to describe/question taking 1 step with 1 leg. If standing upright and legs parallel each other. Assume we step with right leg. All upper body weight transfers to left - supporting leg. Right leg then initiates step by flexing down to toes and then multiple right side muscles produce lift and those muscles move leg/foot forward. Is this correct? During this time IS CALF AND TOES STILL IN A FLEXED MODE WAITING FOR CONTACT WITH FLOOR? I believe I can stay flexed entire process if required. Another question relating. How much does abdomen come into play in entire ability as the height you can raise your foot in this process. I have had massive abdominal reconstruction. Muscles removed, bag and bag removed and supposed blood lying on spinal cord as result of all of this.


    ^^^^ that tells you how to walk with everything. It seems transferring all the weight to one side would simply push the walker over (I'm assuming from the description that's what you are using). The idea is for even distribution of weight If I'm not terribly mistaken. How did your therapist teach you to do it?

    I am a walker, I use a cane outside and on bad days inside. I also have to use a chair in large crowds or for lots of walking.
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      Therapist did not teach at all. Am doing all of this and learning/teaching myself now 11 years after accident. Therapist barely taught me how to slide on transfer board. For very long time they even took all skin off ab. 2 skin graphs from each thigh they had to take off and throw away because continually opening up ab for surgery.


        lavender, are you basically walking all of the time in normal situations? Up and down stairs? And these are all freehanded?


          I walk as much as possible, some days it isn't much. I do walk inside my house with no aids now (aside from the occasional furniture grab when I start to fall or my feet get tangled). I go up and down the stairs at least twice a day, more if I can. I am working on not using the rails. On bad days (when I'm hyper extending a lot) I will have to cook from my chair. Falling on a hot stove or with a knife is not my idea of fun.

          I can not walk in public with out a cane. I have to use my chair if there is extensive walking or if the crowd is very large. I don't respond to visual cues well enough to stop, start, change direction or be safe. I also don't have a lot of stamina.

          If no one taught you anything couldn't you visit a trainer or a therapist to work on an exercise program for you and also to ensure you are using the correct aid? It's great you are working on it and seeing return. I see quite a few frustrated walkers just throw in the towel after a few bad days. I realize in some cases it is very necessary to quit walking but I think a few quit too early because they get discouraged.
          CCS/Walker's a long story


            I had tons of problems from accident. I was in hospital 5-1/2 years. I cannot tell how much strength that cost me laying down for so long, other that a lot. Now 10+ years after accident, I decided give this a try myself. therapist wanted to put some kind of custom braces on my legs that went from toes to groin on each leg. Fixed ankle - permanent no movement. Lockable knee. They weighed so much, I asked and they tell me they do not know. Other issue with those, the knee design is so big, they smash against each leg. They wanted me to walk like Frankenstein. After 2 session with them I stopped that stuff.

            Since then, it appears I have and now am building more and more strength in each led. I can see the muscles and flex in each leg from ass cheeks down to toes. Toes I just got doing this in the last few weeks.

            Am walking with walker inside house. Mostly using that each time for toilet. Far easier using walker at toilet than wheelchair. This is getting pants up and down and sitting. It works great. Am walking more and more in rest of house, but I think as you say, it even requires more. The more I do, the better the stamina gets and the result is more steps.

            I have never stood at range to cook for exact reason you state. I do stand all around remainder of kitchen and access all cabinets.

            There are various places throughout house I am standing to do the cleaning or reaching things.

            I am ready to begin walking through garage when someone comes to pick me up. For some reason, I do not give a crap of I fall in the house. Outside, I think I am scared to death. Probably just need get over this hump, practice outside falling and just go do it instead of thinking about it.

            I have had massive abdominal reconstruction. I am pretty sure some muscles have been taken out of there. I had skin graph off of each thigh to repair abdomen each time they thought I was ok and they had to take them off and throw away.

            I have thrown in towel countless times. For some reason, this time, I am making things work, do get pissed and take a day or 2 off but then start back up.

            My therapy doctor, last time I was there, likes my plan better than hers and told me keep working on it. Not have a lot of respect from someone who is supposed to be the professional.
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              What do you do to build stamina? I do a lot of squatting even with help of arms and gradually reduce amount of arm interaction. Also do tons of stretching and massaging.


                Put some parallel bars in that garage. Then walk back and forth and again til you drop. That will build your stamina and alleviate your fears of falling too. Most of it it is in your mind as to why you are more scared of falling outside.
                T12-L2; Burst fracture L1: Incomplete walking with AFO's and cane since 1989

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                  Why don't you do a bit of crawling, and stretching? It's easier than fighting gravity to start, and than work up to standing positions at times, getting longer all the while? Today's regimen had me under the decks of the boat, not pretty, or clean(bilge work?) but I'm trashed both physically and hygienically. I'll tell you straight out I do walk, but this is easier than the gravitational pull you need to fight standing and take it from one who doesn't mind falling or trying to break something,,, safer.

                  I didn't get too far with physical therapist they were too afraid of putting one in danger, and yes, after a few broken bones I can see why,,, maybe? But it never and still doesn't stop me now. I'm fairly safe in "normal" situations I just have to push the envelop just a little bit further than the average village idiot. Weight bearing excersise? Oh, yeah, dummy put 2 90 lb. battery's, one in each hand and walked 60 feet, oh you mean take weight off? This is today, this is me, dumber than anything you see on the street, that doesn't get hit by a car to be put out of its misery.

                  In reality, now that I am physically clean, I may jump in my hot tub out side for an hour or two tonight, I did a lot and do deserve it. Good thing I don't feel much from the neck down, I may have done some bad things today, but wait till tomorrow, I'm upping the dosage. Workouts are cool, workouts can be fun, and they should be profitable and beneficial too, and if you're lucky you can be a better person from it too.


                    smash, I exactly figured the "lock knee when transfer weight." The in your mind, I totally agree with. Get past the mind and a lot of things start happening. I am building a lot of strength throughout legs doing all kinds of stretching, massaging, leaning and the walking. Mind still gets in the way. I am still attached with needing to look with eyes at legs doing these things. That probably is mind also. I think I am scared to death to try to take 1 step without looking at my legs.


                      I have to keep an eye on the ground in front of me to make sure it's level. There are days I have no idea what my feet are doing, those days require extra mental and physical strength. They are so very tiring.

                      The crawling idea is a good one, have you tried it yet? I do crawl every now and then, it works different muscle groups and is good.

                      Don't forget isometrics and yoga to build up the muscles needed for controlled movement. There are many poses that help out and give a good stretch. Muscle tension is common for me when walking, even with a cane, I find myself tensing up. Some of the stretches are good to just relax with.

                      Walking requires a balance between relaxation and swing the wrong way can throw everything off.

                      When you are ready to take steps without looking at your legs (relaxed and confident) do it in a safe place; preferably with a friend or loved one nearby to "spot" you in case you get in trouble. You can do this, but confidence is a yourself up and make sure you are safe.
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                      CCS/Walker's a long story


                        lavender, I am pretty much not scared falling. I have fell. Pissed off while on floor. Get thoughts back together and move on. Recently, I seem to be getting more coordination in the getting up and can do it quite quickly.

                        I really do not do much crawling. It is supposed to be very good. That is what a baby does. I have taken the approach be a baby all over again. At times I think though, my mind is way too far ahead in that process and get stuck and cannot figure why. Eventually I do.

                        I have a lot of tone, from a lot recently, hips down to toes. I walk at my toilet, turn around, able to get jeans down, sit down, use toilet, flush, back up, jeans back up, button them, pull zipper up and walk back to chair. I like this FAR better than parking the chair. My toilets are actually low ones. That was what I put in when I designed house before accident. The only assistance I have in house are 2 walkers and wheelchair. I REFUSE to mount anything anywhere. My concept is I would become addicted to assistance instead of walking.

                        I do all kinds of stretching. I can almost put my big toe in my mouth sitting on side of bed. I have maybe 3" to go.

                        Sitting on bedside, feet flat on floor, I am starting situps. I do a lot of just twisting with arms extended and rotate upper body while eyes are closed. This I think has 2 major help. 1 is helping balance without assistance from eyes. As well as all kinds of stretching. I will admit, sitting on bedside. allows bed to absorb any kinds of motion activity that my body may not yet be able to handle if performing on a solid surface.

                        I do a lot of various exercises where I may not b able to actually complete the very 1st rep. I have my brain trained, keep working on it, and things keep progressing.

                        Professional athletes get the therapy to get them back to work in 1 year of less when they have all kinds of injuries. There is no reason, we cannot do the same.


                          Also, if I fall, then I just have therapy getting up. I never had anything like that.