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    I went to this class on Monday at this new yoga studio located close to me. Nobody else showed for the class so it was one on one with the instructor and super intense for an hour. The studio has mirrors 360* around so I could tell that I want doing all the exercises just like her. I felt great afterward
    Two days ass hurts soooo bad. It hurts to walk. I get lots of pressure in my head when I bend down and it even hurts.
    I know I pushed myself way to hard, which isn't unlike me at, duh, I'm just biting the bullet. Tiger balm didn't work much...going to find IcyHot. Does anyone know how long this might last?!
    Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. -- John Lennon

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    Had you done any type of exercising before this? How fit were you before this? To just jump into something and do for 1 hr, if not doing something before, you could end up hurting yourself. May not tell it during exercise, but when muscles relax, few days later, very well could end up hurting.


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      You are not alone! My Dad is like you and usually overdoes it, and his pain is always worst 2 days after a very hard work-out. Usually improves over a couple days. Pain meds (tylenol, ibuprofen, Tylenol #3 and up, tramadol and/or sometimes more of his neuropain medicines like Neurontin), sleeping, hydrating, heat/cold packs (good idea to try icyhot or a cold pack for your butt), staying off the butt all help.

      I agree with the suggestion to ease in to work-outs if possible.... especially if you are trying something new. But my Dad also doesn't like to do that either.

      There's always a tiny possibility you are about to get sick (flu bug, UTI) and that is also making your pain worse. But if no signs of that, it was probably just because you overdid it.

      Good for you for doing the intense Yoga work-out though! I am trying to convince my Dad to try a Yin Yoga session with me next week.


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        Usually if you are under 30, a couple days. 30-40 3-4 days. Try Tai chi good workout, less pain.


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          I was an avid runner before my accident. I broke T12 and my doctors said my health is definitely what I had going for me. For me to be walking and able to do so much physically after such an injury is a miracle. I started Pilates a couple months ago but this class was extremely advanced for me. I pushed it too hard and I should've known better.

          Not a day goes by that I haven't learned a lesson.
          Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. -- John Lennon


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            after a hard workout to muscles that arent used to it, you'll be sore the next day, but its usually worse the 3rd day, then itll be fine
            - Rolling Thru Life -


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              I would suggest that unless you still have pain, do another class. Just do nut push quite as hard. You are obviously engaging muscles that you have not been using. This is increasing your muscle mass and strength.

              Unless you have really over-done it, a hot shower followed by activity should help the day after muscle tightness. As the day after is easier, up the intensity as appropriate. This is where access to the pro on the cheap is so sweet.--eak
              Elizabeth A. Kephart, PHR
              mom/caregiver to Ryan-age 21
              Incomplete C-2 with TBI since 3/09


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                Hi Lip, it's good to hear that you're reaching out to try new things. Along with that is the possibility for what you're describing. I'd give the class another try, but tone it down a bit until your muscles catch up with your determination. Add more stretching for the next week or so to make sure you don't stiffen up too much. I've had muscle soreness since my injury. Each time I try something new or ratchet up the difficulty level, I pay for it...more so than before injury. Keep moving. You've come a long way and I hope more recovery is in your future.


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                  As truly states, definately the stretching. Even do that kind of stuff when just sitting around doing nothing - meaning at not at planned times. This stuff will tighten up fairly quick after you are done and you will not feel it for a while. Cet down on effort until soreness problem solved an then try to increase.