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    Im ASIA C C6 1.5 year post but with no movement in lower limbs. Would the lokomat be beneficial in my case?

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    Originally posted by Gladiator View Post
    Im ASIA C C6 1.5 year post but with no movement in lower limbs. Would the lokomat be beneficial in my case?
    I would say defenitly yes if you are an ASIA C. How is your sensory in your legs? What I also recommend you is a standing frame when you dont allready got one.


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      Got a tilting table. I stand at about 80 degrees everyday for an hour and a half. I got position sense in my legs.


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        a tilting table is not functional. when your blood pressure is ok and you dont feel dizzy when you are up i recommend you something like that

        And when you got position sense then go for it!!


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          A standing frame is something you can have at your house-we do. A lokomat is not, unless you have serious money, space, and the staff to assist with using it.

          Use of a lokomat has requirements. Your bone density must be high enough and you must be able to use electronic stimulation.

          Are you working with a PT at all? You really should work on getting totally vertical (standing frame) before going for a lokomat. Is there a locomat in your area that you can gain access to? They are high tech, professional equipment and not designed for home use, even if you can afford it.--eak
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            Ive tried Lokomat before but back then i was classified as ASIA A. It was at Lowenstein in Tel Aviv. Im thinking of swapping my tilting table with a standing frame since its more functional. And i stand vertically all the time. Got over the dizzyness a long time ago.


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              If you have some movement in your legs, I would make sure to go to a facility that has the lokomat PRO with augmented feedback. There is a video game where you try and get the person to turn right and left. Very beneficial in timing and strengthening. There is a facility in San Diego that has one. You can PM for details if you'd like...


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                I had sessions on the lokomat. I am t-12 with some movement in hips and quads, but electrostimulation has NO EFFECT on me. I would say it was really good therapy but unfortunately the hospital that it was donated to didn't have enough experience working with paralysis and the harness they had just cut into the skin so I had to stop. After I was on it, I had increased sensation in my feet, which have no movement return...
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                  Unless your last name is Gates or Buffett I am pretty sure you aren't getting a lokomat for your house. I may be wrong but the lokomat at the hospital I was in was a big crazy machine and I was told it was in the millions.

                  As for using it. F yea you should. If you have one available and you are an incomplete FES and weight bearing are huge. They never let me on the lokomat while I was in the hospital. I guess I wasn't expected to walk. Anyway, I digress, I did do the FES bike at out patient and it was the main reason I am walking now. At the very least it halted the atrophy and enabled me to build. I guess what I am saying is there is no downside to trying it.

                  I would stand everyday as well. My wife would lock my knees and I would just stand and balance for 20 minutes. I sat and rested sporadically of course.

                  I credit those two things with much of my recovery. I did lots of other stuff in addition but sometimes you just know when something is making a big difference.

                  There are no guarantees. Some things work for some while they may not work for others. I would definitely recommend to do it if that option is available to you. But it can't be all you do.