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    The Exercise Based Therapy Movement

    I go to Race to Walk for exercise based therapy, if you are not familiar it is a place like Project Walk. I have watch a million videos of the successes of these exercise based therapies from increased core stability for a better quality of life to full on walking. I myself have experienced great results first hand. What I want to know is where are we at with getting this type of therapy added to the hospital rehabilitation protocol and to get insurance to pay for it not only in the hospital but in private establishments like Race To Walk and Project Walk.

    What can I as an individual do to help the movement, to push to make these changes happen?

    I couldn't agree more. The problem is that the in patient setting is designed to get us home which really is the best place for us. It's a catch 22 for the hospital. They have to get us prepared to enter the world at whatever level they feel is accomplishable in a very short time. Sadly for most of us that is in a wheelchair so that is what they focus on while we are there.

    It may be better to get the training you endorse for the out patient clinics. Mine was stuck in the stone age.

    I think a great model would be to utilize the thousands of regular gyms and qualified trainers we already have in most towns no matter how small to offer the training we require. Currently places like Project Walk only offer their training to those who hold at least a 4 year degree. This immediately limits the talent pool and thus the availability of service.