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Hard to balance fitness and pain with neuropathies

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    Hard to balance fitness and pain with neuropathies

    I've always been into working out, and it's been about 14 months since my bi-lateral neuropathy and I started trying to do things like push ups (nothing like bi-cep curls since they cause my arms to hurt very badly, the ulnar and radial's).

    I just don't know if I'm setting myself back in the healing process or if I'm going to be the way the rest of my life to where if I over work a muscle/nerve it will go to pain/loss of function, or if I should just sit around and do nothing for another 6 months and see if any more healing happens.

    After 6-8 months, the function was back to 85% or so I would say and now function is up to 90% and it's been staying at that for a good 5-6 months.

    But still every morning I wake up with both arms numb, I can't feel my fingers, and my elbows are in pain. Also if I cross my legs for even half a minute the leg goes numb. The past 2 days the toes in my right leg stayed numb all day long.

    I have diabetic relatives but my neurologist said the problem in my arms was from HNPP.

    So frustrating. I want to work, I can't stand the boredom and not knowing if working out like doing pushups/bench press is hurting me. (pull ups really bring on strong pain, that's the worst). And I don't have anywhere I can walk really, I'm in a small city in an apartment. My parents said they would look on craigslist for an exercise bike I can put in front of my TV to at least get some cardio.

    Oh, and both Lyrica and Gabapentin at most help with 10% of the pain. It's SO HARD going months with daily stabbing pains all day long, you just can't get comfortable and time slows down and you are constantly having to move your arms around on the couch.

    Well there is my rant for the day! Thanks for having me, it's nice to get things out and get advice from you guys.


    I finally found a good PT that understood neuropathy and she helped me find a balance and rhythm of how hard to push and how to distinguish pain that is causing harm and should be paid attention to vs neuropathic pain that I can use my distraction/ignoring skills on.

    I find that its a hard balance to find but super important because if I push too hard and have a lot of pain I get depressed and if I don't exercise and keep getting stronger I also get depressed so I have to really work on keeping that balance.

    Exploring more ways to help with pain is something you can do too. Like I found that massage lowers both types of my pain so I have recently decided to put some of the money I was paying a trainer weekly, into a monthly massage. I also struggle with wanting to take less Lyrica, but have decided its worth taking a little bit more if it helps me keep up my exercise routines.

    What's HNPP?
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