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Legbag during pool therapy

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    Legbag during pool therapy

    I have a suprapubic, and hope to start pool therapy. What do people do? I'm not sure how I would do capping it for half an hour. I guess I could wear supplex pants over the bag. But is it even sterile to have a leg bag in a pool? Do you think they will let me? I will have to be in the regular lap pool because the therapy pool is too hot. The therapy is held in the pools in my regular gym (just so I can reminisce about how I used to be able to just swim laps).

    Hi "Random.,"

    Here are some threads from the past that might be helpful:





    You might want to consider a belly bag for urine collection. The belly bag could be positioned below the suprapubic stoma site to facilitate drainage. Or you could wear the leg bag on your thigh instead of below the knee. Wearing what used to be called "jams" or board shorts or trucks would conceal the leg bag.

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