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Exercise and making a change *long*

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  • Exercise and making a change *long*

    This is a long post and mostly for myself so read at your own risk
    After to many years of neglecting to exercise beyond everyday activity I finally decided it was catching up to me and it was time to make a change. On top of that, while my daily meals were quite healthy I was snacking excesavly because I seamed to be staying in decent shape, until I wasent. About 18 months ago I decided to make a change. I went back to just eating my regular and started seeing positive results. Prior to my injury I enjoyed working out and close to a year ago I decided I wanted to get back into exercising. I did pretty good for the first 6 months after injury but nerve pain and the standard aches and pains caused me to stop witch snowballed into muscle pain on top of nerve pain.
    As I said I decided to make a change and after noticing that I could not physically relax my neck and shoulders chose to try massage therapy for the first time in a while. A friend directed me to somebody in a town a ways away and I was lucky enough to have her work me into her schedule. Unfortunately the handicap access to the building was locked and was unable to get the key before my appointment. We decided to meat at a duplex nearby that I could use and in the end I believe this ended up being for the better as because her table was hard to move we decided not to bring it and she could do the work with me sitting. We ended up doing very little actual tissue massage but focused a lot on correcting how I sit witch may not have happened if I had came in and payed down right away. I got good relief right away and while I still had allot of work to do but it gave me motivation that I may be able to ease some of the pain and get in better shape after all.
    I have continued to see her once or twice a month in her building and am getting to the point were daily stretching and exercise keeps me loose and getting a massage is just more of pampering myself. So now, feeling better I began pulling out some of the exercise equipment that I had amassed over time and slowly implementing it as I got stronger. Luckily I have some space for most of what I need an with a welder and some tools I am able to rig something up if I think of trying something new. On 3/19 after about 4+ mo. Of light exercise and a while longer of diet change I weighed myself for the first time in years. I wish I had done it sooner so I could know what my starting point was but sense then I began going in every 3 mo and seem to be dropping right at 10lb each time. Last time I weighed myself was 2 mo ago and I had dropped 23# and when I get a chance later this week I expect it to be over 30# witch will be more than the weight of my chair. It is not as dramatic as som of the transformations you see but I just keep telling myself that we are doing it all with a small % of the muscle that most people use so overall am satisfied.
    I'm mainly writing this for myself but because I kept motivated by reading what people on here had done I thought I would start updating if anybody is interested. I also kept some notes on things I did and noticed and I thought of putting some of them out there if anybody is interested. There are no gyms nearby and aside from the occasional comment I don't have slot of feedback or motivation so I thought I might start poring here to keep my self in check.
    Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading.

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    KEEP doing that exercise. Things will happen you are not even aware of. Just make sure you set goals that are acheivable. Don't worry about time. You WILL be amazed and sounds like that now.


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      You may want to participate in the long-running "What workout did you do today?" thread.


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        I had originally began to post this in the what workout? But once I veered completely off topic I decided not to disrupt the thread and just start a new one. Thanks for the invite.
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          Sohum, I'm glad you posted. You sound like a very inventive and determined soul and I'm sure you"ll continue to make good progress. As you mentioned, we SCI folks have to do the job with much less than others. Progress can be very slow for us at times. Your experience and success will be motivating to others on this site so I do hope you share what you've learned along the way. Keep us posted on how you do.