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A little recovery.. goes how far?

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    Wow! You guys are doing fantastic.
    Unfortunately after over 4 years my husband did not get anything back as a C3, but we love hearing how well others do-especially the young ones.


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      Originally posted by JacksonsGirl View Post
      I freaking love you guys. I love your stories and advice..

      I was thinking the same about standing. I haven't figured out how I'm going to get him upright yet, but I've read more than once about the benefits and I think it should be incorporated for sure.. If we could just somehow figure out how to get rid of all of this PAIN , we could focus more on recovery instead of just treading water
      Get him in a standing frame as much as possible, it'll be hard at first but definitely worth it.
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        Jackson Girl- The physical benefits are well established for weight bearing. The psychological benefits can't be over looked either. I remember standing on the back porch looking into the back yard. It helped me believe. That may have been as big as anything.

        As for the Estim. I spent 3 months riding one. The quads, hammys, and glutes are huge for walking. I don't think you can do too many more than that. But really I am not sure on that. The stim will help slow the atrophe for sure.

        You need to work the hip flexors and abductors (outer thigh) and adductor (groin) on your own. There just aint enough time at therapy.Try therapy skates or some other way to remove gravity. Many times we can move but are not strong enough to fight gravity. Removing gravity may be the key. He can try to do the movements and you can help move him. At the very least he will be getting his ROM which can't hurt. Stay limber. Do not slack on the stretching. Can't over emphasize that.

        We have to stick together.


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          Yes, trying to figure all this out can be overwhelming. His PT should be able to test him for motor ability and strength. From there,it'll be a matter of working the program they give you as well as extra credit work you do on your own. I was recently bemoaning to my PT that my calves hadn't returned. She said I didn't need them. As long as there is hip strength, she felt she could get anyone on their feet. I agree with the posts about standing. Ask his therapist to try it and provide advice on how to do it at home.


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            This really sucks, but I have to say it. The first time I fell on the floor, 9 months after coming home, they never once showed, or let me try it.......getting off the floor.....ALONE....... I couldn't do it, no one was around, I was looking at hours, not that it was a bad place either. But the lack of something to do, what if someone stopped by, how do I explain, raced through my head. Cuts on the feet, sweat, and bangs and some 15 minutes later I got to the point of being on my knees. Being the optimist I am, gee I'm half way there, well I was, it's just that the last time I was in this position was almost a year ago, and now how do I finish it? 20 more minutes! finally made it up to the bed, it now looked like I had been gang raped by bikers in there, than the worst,,,, COMPANY...... came to check on me. I had to explain everything, and vowed to try and get things better for the next time. At this point I went full speed ahead into strength, and trying to get off the floor, in a better place at first, and I would once again try that same place that seemed so impossible that day, a few months later.

            Every time I drop something on the floor, a lot, in the same spot, I can't help but remember that day 8 years later. The wallet, knife, soapstones, pills, always like to go there too. At least I'm a champ at it now, even worse when I fall out and about, and I do, I always tell the people if there are any around "don't worry,, it's hard to fall off the floor now, don't worry I'm Okay, I can get up myself".


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              And if you CAN'T get him off the floor, breathe. He's going to fall. He likely won't break. I'm still picking my butt off the floor! (From a w/chair, no less!)
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                Hah! The first few times, I used the opportunity/excuse to, clean, look for things, put a plug in or out of the socket. Anything but admit to myself or others I F'd up again!