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    Someone posted a thread with pictures that shows a young man lying in bed exercising with one leg on a table strap with his leg placed on a skateboard in front of him then,someone was helping him move his legs back and forth.If anyone know of this person would you please have him post it again,because I wanted to learn more about it but,when I returned back on line I could'nt remember the title.
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    I have a very small gluts, to work what little I have I use this setup by laying on my side and with one leg in the straps I would kick back wards. Might work for what you need. Of course the straps are hanging from the ceiling on an old rope. Being an x builder I used two nail belt belts.
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      I used skates to rehab at the very beginning. They are a great way to eliminate gravity and friction. I didn't use a skateboard but constructed my own smaller skates and tables to use in my living room with stuff from Home Depot. They sell therapy skates online for like $50. Google it.
      I highly recommend this. At first my wife or son had to help me through the range of motion and then I was able to complete them on my own. As I progressed I added weight to increase the resistance. Good stuff.


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        So, I didn't read the thread, just the title, Numero Uno A-hole here dug a "skateboard" out of the closet I was giving to my cousins son. Well, I had to try it...... I scared the CRAP out of me. No road rash, nor did I fall, all I could think was "what are they thinking here?" Came home from the parking lot that was covered in a lot of sand still, than I read the thread. Not that any one thought I was sane, but I've got new followers in to the world of "He's just so weird" I deserve it this time, now I see what you guys are thinking of...................


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          The flat plastic furniture moving thingies you can get at home depot types of places only cost a few bucks and work real slick on carpet. I have some good exercises that I do with them.