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  • FES bike recommendations?

    What's up?
    I'm a c6/c7 ASIA C, 4 mo. post. Original prognosis was ASIA A
    Though I haven't confirmed the C part with my doctors yet, I know for a fact I'm incomplete (voluntary anal contraction, mild feeling, slight bowel control).
    My neurosurgeon said I was ASIA B most likely, but she didn't get around to checking the rectum.

    3 mo. post, my caretaker(s) noticed the contraction.

    Soon after I noticed a palpable flicker/twitch in the thighs, which has gotten stronger the more I do it, more so on the left...

    I then noticed increased sensation on the left side of my torso and around the belly button (paying close attn to that one)

    I'm wondering if a FES bike would help spark something in the legs, and if so, which model(s) are best suited for me right now.

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    I'd try it if I were you, can't hurt, well actually it might cause you pain if you sensation, I know though my FES bike has SSin mode for people who have sensation to cause less pain from the voltage. You may want to look for older used electrologic bike. Does not make much sense spending too much for a FES bike because you probably are not going to need it for too long. I think you will keep getting recovery from the way you describe things, the more physical activity you can do the better.
    "Life is about how you
    respond to not only the
    challenges you're dealt but
    the challenges you seek...If
    you have no goals, no
    mountains to climb, your
    soul dies".~Liz Fordred


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      If it works on you get on it. It helps stop the atrophy which is the enemy at the beginning. It is not a cure, but if you can halt the atrophy; you can start to build. I used a Restorative Therapies RT300, but I am sure that they all operate off the same concept. I didn't have an issue with the pain, but that's just me. My PT said he had other patients who would cry when they tried it on them. I have sensation and my glutes were the most sensitive so we didn't stim them as high. My advice would be to find a center near you that has one and try arrange a deal where you could ride it and try it. They are very expensive to buy.


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        Thanks for the input guys.
        Atrophy is the primary legs were strong before the accident and I'm trying to preserve them as much as I can, while stimulating a lil something In them too.
        Rt300 looks sick but it seems to have too many bells and whistles.

        How does the electro logic bike work compared to fes? And smashms, anything past a twitch/flicker for you?


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          Keep on truckin, smashms...I'll be right there with u