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Do you believe in Patrick Rummerfield's recovery?

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    "For example, Pat does not know where his legs are in space unless he looks at them – there has been many a times when we are walking together, actively engaged in discussing new research findings, when Pat suddenly plops to the ground. However, Pat has learned to use different sensory information to allow him to get a better understanding of where his feet are while walking or racing. This is the athlete in him."

    I've talked with Pat 4-5 times over the years and he was the original inspiration for me. Fast forward to 2004 when I originally came home from the hospital, I was struck down in 2003 December 6th. I can't walk and chew gum at the same time, not that I chew gum or have tried it ain't happening. On the other hand, talk to me while I'm walking, get me really involved in conversation, and excited, BAM!!! It's happened more than once.

    I can't run yet, but i'm trying, I haven't given up, I'm not an athlete but share the same sort of work discipline. I learned a lot from him in the early days of the internet, what I might be able to expect, and was able, thanks to the information move very fast although the healing took a long time. I'm still pushing everyday, I have to, I can loose it too quick as I have found out the hard way more than once.