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    what to do??

    I am so completely frustrated. I have no energy. I want to work out but feel fatigued most the time and completely exhausted most the time. When I do work out, I am done for the day. My legs will not support me for the rest of the day. How do I lose weight when I cant do anything enough to make a difference? I am so frustrated. There isnt a warm enough pool around to swim, and I cant walk. I cant ride my recumbant bike cause I cant keep my right foot up anymore. I want a handbike , but that isnt in the budget right now. I have a good 70lbs to lose and dont know where to start. I try to eat well, watch my portions etc. I just dont know what to do anymore to make a difference. I have thought about surgery but am afraid of the complications that follow. I dont need anymore surgeries or issues. But I also dont want any issues that will come with being overweight, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. This sucks, I work twice as hard and lose half as much as anyone else around me. Ugh, I am so depressed and ready to give up.

    I have tried to go down the last 4 month and the program I follow says I will go down 0.5 kg in a week. In four month I have gone down 3,5 kg. It is nothing. In the beginning I didn't go down at all but then I started to eat less so now I am going down but tooooooo slowly.
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      I find that the only way to loose weight, is to go to bed hungry, and not make up for it the next morning. Ease to say harder to do, but it can be done.
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        Re keeping your feet on a recumbent. Buy some footpedal cleats and bike shoes that have the attachments. My wife has them on her recumbent. I have a friend with MS who rides it. Without the cleats, he wouldn't be able too. No effort keeping the feet on the pedals, which makes it much easier to ride.

        I hear you on the fatigue and frustration. Woke up this morning wondering why the hell I keep on trying.


          It's kind of a circle because your fatigue may be partly because of your weight which makes it difficult to expend the energy needed to lose the weight. However, this is a problem encountered by people the world over, not just us SCI folks.

          The formula is the same as it's been since the dawn of time. You need to consume less calories than you expend. If you do this, you will lose weight. It will be slow and it can take a long time, at first, to see even a small change. But, as your metabolism realizes what's happening, things will turn around.

          Read packaging to understand the calories that are in the foods you eat. Get a digital kitchen scale so you can weight things. I've found that when weight loss gets stalled, it's often because people don't realize what they're consuming.

          I'm all for exercise. Nothing makes me feel better. When I'm tired, a good workout is the answer to feeling better. I'm not sure of your capabilities, so will suggest a few things. Check your TV listings or the internet for a show called Sit and Be Fit. It's a series of seated exercises that can be done from a wheelchair. Follow along. Do what you can. As you grow stronger, you will be able to do more things. You may be able to add some hand cycling to the mix or get out side and wheel yourself around the neighborhood. Start small and work up.

          I know it's tough, but break out of that circle. A few pounds lost will make you feel better and put you on the track to getting to your goal weight. I wish you the best!


            you say you try to eat well....what are you eating?....give me a typical days meals/snacks/drinks..
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              Thanks for the responses. My recumbant bike only has two wheels so, if i try to secure my right foot to the pedal in anyway i wouldnt be able to keep myself from falling. My right leg is weaker so I have to put a lot of effort into just keeping it on the pedal.

              Mornings I have toast and coffee. noon to 1 I usually have a chicken, or beef, 5 or six usally chicken or beef, and at night I might have some chips or popcorn.

              I know a big part is the potatoes that usually accompany the chicken or beef. Usually a baked potatoe, or fries. Potatoes are my downfall for sure. I dont have huge portions and I am not snacking a lot between meals. I drink water, zero cal powerade, sometimes a pop, usually no more than one a day if I have one.

              I have had bloodwork to check for diabeties , runs in my family, and thyroid check, all was ok.

              I am thinking I might try the shake replacements for breakfast and a snack. I know alot has to do with moving more. I was athletic before my injury, worked a ton and struggled with weight. Probably only around 20lbs over weight at injury time. The biggest gain was right after, 70lbs within a year. I have lost 20 here or 30 there and gained it back. I use to enjoy working out, it felt good, now when I work out I dont get that feeling, all I get is pain.


                if you're a meat and potatoes guy, why not try and make subtle changes first that you're more likely to stick with, like experimenting with different veggies. you have to get off the potatoes, dude- (baked, chips, mashed, fries etc) and slowly substituting them with green things and figuring out a way to eat them in a way that you like might make it easier. zucchini, brussel sprouts, salads, green beans, spinach, avocados, tomatoes, I had an artichoke last night with some salmon and it was the business.

                Going to shakes and meal replacements might work for the short term (or for some people), but how happy are you going to be with that in the long run? or when you go out to eat? or are out a friend's house? when you're not home with the powders, you're just going to want to revert to your old ways

                I just googled, and

                37 carbohydrates in a medium baked potato (2½" to 3¼" diameter)
                58 carbohydrates in 1 large baked potato (3½" to 4¼" diameter)


                Food Item:Broccoli, raw
                Food Quantity: 1 cup
                Carbs: 5.8g
                Dietary Fiber: 2.2g
                Net Carbs: 3.6g

                even if you take the higher carb value (5.8), you could have 10 cups of broccoli to equal the carbs of one large baked potato.

                just try trimming the carbs, saturated fats & refined sugars (chips & soda) and find healthier alternatives you like. white cheddar popcorn works for my chip cravings, honey roasted almonds/peanuts or blueberries/fresh fruit get me past sweets btw
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                  get rid of "whites"...potatoe,rice,pasta, bread... go with sweet potatoe, brown rice, whole wheat bread..but dont your carbs early in day so to burn can maintain muscle while losing weight with a high protein diet....try oatmeal w/ banana/blueberries for breakfast...lunch/ fish(salmon/tilapia/tuna), chicken grilled/baked, steak is ok once a week if you do burger-get the leaniest beef they have- usually a 90/10...pasta ok 1x a week...steam your veggies or even raw...brocoli, asparagus, carrots, tomatoes, spinach..dont get canned, get fresh...
                  cut out sugars...just go cold turkey and dont eat a single it for 1 month and see if any the meal replacement shakes..some are very high calories/fat/carbs....your better off getting protein powder- mix a scoop with a yogurt, banana, strawberry, ice , blend it up...great breakfast
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                    How many calories are you consuming in a day? You will lose weight if you consume less calories. I don't keep track of calories, but I do have a good idea how much I'm consuming in a day. I eat well most of the time, but I do eat fast food and sweets too. When I eat out I usually eat from the kid's menu. I usually eat 1200 or 1300 calories a day (maintain my weight, less if I want to lose) I love these 99 cent chicken sandwiches from Wendys, I think its 400 calories, so that means I have 800 calories left for the day. I know I shouldn't eat this crap, but it is good. I haven't ballooned because I don't supersize and I'm not eating it every night. I'm not skinny, I probably have more meat on me than I should, but I like my body. My niece's who lost a lot of weight used a iphone app that counted calories for them when they ate out, and it helped them choose better items to eat. Anyway, I hope you find something that works. Good luck!
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                      Just to jump in. Eating is only part of the issue. The only way to burn fat is to do aerobic exercise. You can lose weight by starving yourself but the resultant weight loss will be caused by your body consuming your muscles for energy. I thiink it is called antrophy. Exercise lasting at least 20 minutes keeping your heart rate above 70% of max wil result in your body using fat as energy as the other energy chains will not be able to keep up. Your max heart rate is 220-age. Multiply this number by .70 to find your aerobic range.

                      The moral of the story is you have to get back on your bike and put some miles in. Try a three wheel recumbant or a tricycle (this is what I use) or a handcycle. You can get hand cranks for an affordable price. I also suggest investing in a heart rate monitor. You can't really tell when you are at your target heart rate and sweating just means you are hot.

                      I used to train athletes and we used heart rate monitors to ensure that we were maximizing our efforts.

                      As for eating. Feed your activities and then do more activities. 3 squares a day doesn't generally fit. Eating carbs that are not used will result in them being stored as fat. Eat carbs for energy and protein for recovery and add in some essential fats and minerals.

                      Hang in there. I know that I made this sound easy and it is not. But the concept really is. Finding a way to get the heart rate moving is the key. Don't get down. Good luck!


                        I do realize the potatoes are a down fall and they have got to be cut in moderation. I do like veggies and need to do a double helping of those vs double of taters. I have been grilling most my meat. The shakes I am going to do are the Body by VI shakes. High protien, they taste awesome. I gotta get moving more, been difficult with the foot surgery since feb and another one coming up next week. But I have to stop with excuses. I know my cal intake is higher than it should be. When I keep a food journal I stay 1200-1800 cal a day, but I know when I dont I am blowing it most days.

                        I do beleive I am dealing with more of a food addiction. I know some dont beleive it exists. But that is another topic!

                        I need to be much more disciplined, I owe it to myself to get healthy . I am not looking for a certain weight, I just want to feel better, move better, and feel good.


                          (by the way medic1=female )