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Butt Pads for Biking

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    Butt Pads for Biking

    Now I mentioned this in the workout thread, but I thought it might get more attention were it to have a place of its own.

    I just re-learned how to bike. Which is awesome. Except that it is excruciatingly painful to sit on a bike seat for any length of time. So I was just wandering if anyone else has found a good solution for biking with an atrophied butt. What bike seat brands are best? Do standard biking short provide enough padding? Stuff like that.

    I know my way around a sewing machine pretty well, so I was also wandering if anyone knows of any good padding materials I could use to fashion my own specialized pair of shorts with padding emphasized where I need it (most of my deficiencies are on my left side, so it could use the most padding).

    L2 incomplete with a pretty bad limp since 10/31/2011.

    If I am remembering this correctly, Roho, the wheelchair cushion maker, also has a line of products that are not disability oriented. I think they make a cushion for a motorcycle, and I wonder if they make anything for a bicycle.

    All the best,


      Here are the Roho motorcycle products. One of these might work:

      Also, you can get memory foam (viscoelastic foam) in 1/2" thick sheets. You might be able to fashion these into some type of pad in a sewn-in pocket in your bike shorts.

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        You might try a recumbent bike.
        Look at some hard core racing seats, they almost fit in your ass crack.
        There was at one time a seat that was a sling.
        There also was a seat that had separate sections for each putt cheek.
        I use to live in McFarland. Jumped at Wanakee and Seven Hills.


          No shit, I have a couple hundred jumps at Seven Hills, my home DZ was Skydive Wissota (near Eau Claire) and I was working at Skydive Midwest when I got hurt. Small world; you must know Razz, Bob Felt, Porter, etc... Did you ever get back in the air again after your injury?

          Thanks for the advice on the seat.
          L2 incomplete with a pretty bad limp since 10/31/2011.


            Yes Roho do a bike seat