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    Strength loss

    I'm a C6/C7 quad. I have a hand cycle and have been riding for about 3 weeks now, but think im getting weaker instead of stronger and gaining weight instead of losing it. Can anyone explain what might be going on?

    Would it be any help to drink a whey protien shake?
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    Are you using a heartrate monitor. You have to get the heartrate up for fitness. Pushing in the largest gear possible will not make you stronger, it'll just rip and strain the muscles. Muscles also have to rest to repair. You can't ride hard everyday and expect not to hurt. Is the bike setup properly for you.

    I suggest getting a bike computer with a heartrate and cadence counter. You need to crank at a certain rate maintaining a certain heartrate. Many times that takes going in a much smaller gear going really slow. As your conditoning improves, your cadence and speed will get faster.

    For those that didn't ride year round, in the beginning, they would ride using only the middle or smaller chainring. It was hard not to go to the big chainring. After a month or so, the condtioning is ready for the larger gear at a faster cadence.

    What other stuff are you doing to lose the weight. Have you cut out white sugar and flour? Soft drinks are notorious for putting on weight. Any cross training in a gym with a trainer?

    You may want to look at Carlos Moleda site on his 12 week handcycle get in shape program or the USHF.


      Patrick is right.
      Plus how old are you? The older you get the longer it takes the muscles to rebuild themself after a work out. That's what you are doing when you work out, tearing down the muscle. When I was 15 I could work out every day. 30 every other day. Now I'm 65, so I work out once a year.


        You also might want to get your testosterone levels checked. We had a client with the same issues and his testosterone levels were extremely low. After treatment he has come stronger with more endurance and has lost weight.

        Eric Harness, CSCS
        Neuro Ex, Inc
        Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery


          start resistance training. do compound movements (bench press, shoulder press, rows). this could help with possible low t levels too. Also, check your diet. make sure you eat enough protein and healthy fats (fish oils, olive oil, peanuts, natty peanut butter...etc).