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Changing your body!

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    Changing your body!

    Hi there.

    I am planning on changing the way I live at the moment because I am not happy with my physical appearance. I have been trying to gain weight for some time but it seems like genetics are not on my side. I am naturally skinny.

    I cant seems to gain fat no matter what i eat. The only way I can gain weight is with muscle mass. Unfortunately , being a quad my muscle function is limited. That brings me to my question. I was hoping somebody here have some experience with long term muscle gain. I know it takes time, diet, a lot of effort and I'm willing to sacrifice.

    In my case I am split in half when it comes to function. One side better than other.
    So my question is .. Given the time and effort how far I can get with my physic? I worry of the situation where only half of my body will build muscle and that would look very freaky. Should I simply push my worse side a lot more than the strong one? Is there a way to build muscle with low function?

    Thank you for any advice. I am looking for good discussion regarding this matter. In our society looks play an important role. I wish it wasnt that way and many claim its not but unfortunately its true. Especially in age of mass media. I guess it comes down to simple instincts. Attraction, for instance, we tend to judge people by their appearance. We are all guilty of it. People judge us for being what we are (sci). Realizing that led me to conclusion that if I wanna be successful in work, with women or in everyday life I need to fit in the whole range of expectations. Its not that I do it for myself cause I feel good in my skin, seems like I will do it for others. The fact that I am being classified as handicap when people see me walk like a drunk is enough in itself. I dont want to be the handicap , super skinny , with terrible body guy. All the labels, unnecessary, hurtful. I wish we would live in a world where people judge you by your character and knowledge first. Sadly, in our reality we will always be the disabled and you know what....fuck it ... I accept that label cause that who I am.

    use stim on your weaker/less functioning side to keep/build muscle tone....workout your strong side.. dont neglect it or your will end up with 2 weak sides! the same way, my left side is normal, right has problems...take a look at my pics on my profile, i work both sides with weights and extra help with stim on my weaker good foods, protein after workout to feed the muscle.....and unless your freakishly thin, dont stress.....sounds like you have a high metabolism, keeping u thin(even in a chair).....most sci's seem to be wanting to lose weight(especially gut)..which is much more difficult to achieve without high intensity exercise.....
    - Rolling Thru Life -


      roc21 offered very good advice. Take comfort in the thought that being thin offers many advantages in conducting life with SCI.

      "We have met the enemy and he is us."-POGO.

      "I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it."~Edgar Allan Poe

      "Dream big, you might never wake up!"- Snoop Dogg


        Thank you for advice. I think you look good in your pictures. How often do you train each week and are you on a special diet?


          thanks.....i was in shape before sci..could eat anything and stay lean...i workout 4 days a week..i do major muscle groups with weights,bands,- back/biceps/forearms....chest/shoulders/triceps/forearms...2x a week each.. every day-..abs..ride peddaler -1 hr and stand up 10-15 min....its not a special diet for me...ive always eaten healthy..
          breakfast- oatmeal, bananna,blueberries,water
          lunches - tuna(whole can,solid white) mixed into brown rice or left over
          dinner(chicken breast,fish, veggies)
          dinners - fish(salmon,tilapia) 1xwk ,grilled chicken breast 3-4xwk, lean meat
          1xwk,pasta1xwk...sides- asparagus,brocoli,carrots,brown rice,sweet
          potatoe, whole wheat pita(not all at same meal) ex-brocoli/brownrice....asparagus/sweet potatoe....

          nothing fried....desserts -i keep sweets to a minimum- ex-2 cookies(this month im 100% sweet free, i do that from time to time for a month...
          - Rolling Thru Life -