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standing and osteoporosis

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    standing and osteoporosis

    Is getting in a standing frame good for your bones and treating osteoporosis? I was initially told coming out of a model rehab center that standing is key to keeping strong bones. But, I was recently told that standing actually will not help with bone density. This doctor told me that bone density is helped only by percussive movement. That is, when your foot strikes the ground when you walk. So, what has everyone else heard?

    Your doctor is correct... standing alone does not help bone density. Bone requires force to keep density, so that includes impact or pull from muscle contraction. There is newer research supporting vibration to help bone density, but there is still a question as to how much vibration...

    A standing frame is good for other reasons - it helps your digestive system, your lungs, your muscles, spasticity, etc. I still recommend getting one if you can.
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      I have a standing chair and I stand everyday for 2 hours. I just had a dexa scan in January and it shows I have osteoporosis. Seems quite common for us in chairs.


        to prevent osteo. your muscles will have to actively pull on the bones. So no, when u are in a standing frame, your muscles are still not firing.

        u can always get a FES stim unit and zap your muscles but that takes thousands of reps and a lot of time!
        c5/c6 brown sequard asia d


          Just wondering -- an insurance rep angrily insisted that my Dad would not be able to use a standing frame because he would just collapse.

          I had spoken to someone who is C5-6 (on a vent for awhile) -- he said that he used a standing frame even when he initially couldn't use his limbs.

          My Dad is c3-c4, incomplete, and was never put on a tilt table. It's been six months since his operations - his calves have astrophy but his thighs still have some muscle tone.

          Would anyone know -- does my Dad need shoulder strength to stand? If his blood pressure can tolerate it, would he be able to use a standing frame?


            Standing does so much more. It helps with all organs, getting a great stretch, ability to work out standing up, cardio and just the great feeling of standing up makes it worth it. I've been using a standing frame of some sort for 38 years. I think it's a major reason I haven't had many health issues, pressure sores or contractions.

            If I had a wand, I'd issue everyone a cardio workout device an extra chair, and a good stander.

            Joey, with your dad being prone for so long, standing would have to be done in stages. I'm sure he would pass out if done too quickly. But yeah, c3/4's can stand with proper assistance and supports.



              We stand C3-4s all the time at Project Walk. Patrick is correct, it has to be done incrementally at first. Sometimes the person is only up for less than a minute before we have to lower him. However, with training stamina can easily be built up. A binder or a snug weight lifting belt can assist in the early stages, however, it is important to try to wean the person off of it.

              Also, shoulder strength is not necessarily required, but if he is super weak there you may need someone standing behind him to assist with keeping his shoulders back.

              EasyStand has a lot of extra support devices available for their frames.

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                Project walk and Next Step Gym

                Dear Joey,

                Throw your Dad to the DOGS at a high intensive physical therapy regiment. Those guys and gals that Snowman works with will literally work the living daylights out of your Dad. Because he is INCOMPLETE he might have a better chance at some type of recovery. As the PT's that worked me out of my chair said "I am (the PT) not sweating enough so do 10 more reps" as my legs were shaking like a champagne bottle after a World Series WIN.

                God Bless those whom never let us give up,


                  What can we do to increase bone density? My son stands, lifts weights, and his last scan showed he was on the lower end of normal. The doc said to increase Vit. D, but that was going right thru him so we had to stop. He does take calcium and eats a really healthy diet. I would like to keep his bones healthy, but just not sure how to do it.